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Discussion in 'Freshwater Aquarium Design' started by Kevin, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Kevin New Member

    I have two freshwater planted aquariums. Right now i need a fixture for my 30 gallon, but want to replace both fixtures in the future.

    First question is what optic angle do you need for a 36L x 12W x 18 H, and 36L x 12W x 24H?

    Second what is your opinon on changing the leds from 5700k to 6500k? Refering to the Freshwater Planted Tank light. Also can i used another Led light to get some brightness in there for looks only?

    Third is a single light strip going to be enough for both?

    Thank you
  2. admin Co-Founder of Build My LED

    Hi Kevin. Thanks for the questions. Here are my answers:

    1 - How do you plan to mount the fixtures? I recommend our tank mount kit, but let me know if you plan to suspend them higher above the tank. I need this distance to determine the best beam angle.

    2 - If you use 6500K vs. 5700K, you are just increasing the blue portion of the overall spectrum by lowering the red content of the spectrum. The overall effect will not be drastic, as the spectral shift will be minimal.

    3 - Yes, a single 36" fixture will be plenty of light for both tanks listed.

    Let me know if you have any other questions :)
  3. Kevin New Member

    I was planning to mount them ontop fo the tank, There was one other thing i should of mentioned they both have glass top . I really do wish to place them ontop of that with the tank mount kit.
  4. admin Co-Founder of Build My LED

    Sounds good. I prefer using the tank mounts, as it maximizes the amount of light entering your aquarium. With a 12" deep tank, you could select either the 75 or 90 degree beam angle. The 90 will give better coverage if you have plants growing to the top of the water. If you don't have very tall plants, the 75 will give higher PAR readings deeper in the tank. :)

  5. Kevin New Member

    The first one that i need to convert is 18" deep but 12" wide.
  6. admin Co-Founder of Build My LED

    Sorry about that. I refer to the front-to-back measurement as the tank's depth (length x depth x height), so the above recommendation is still valid :)

  7. Kevin New Member

    Ok took some pics of my tanks to show the plants we planted. We only plan to add some microswords along the bottom.

    20130221_175908.jpg 20130221_175917.jpg
  8. admin Co-Founder of Build My LED

    Hi Kevin. I think you (and your plants) will like the 90 degree beam angle best ;)

  9. Kevin New Member

    Ok change of plans gonna order both this week, but i need to talk to you outside of the form, can you email me please

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