Lighting my 54 gallon corner tank

Discussion in 'Freshwater Aquarium Design' started by Matt, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. Matt New Member

    Hi Nick,

    I spoke to you a couple weeks ago about lighting this tank (27" sides, 38" bow, 20" to substrate). I've decided to do a piecemeal phase out of my cfls and wanted to do a minimum of a 12" toward the rear and a 24" toward the front and then build from there as needed and able. Could you run a model with the 12" strip about 10" from the back corner and the 24" about 20" from the corner?

  2. admin Co-Founder of Build My LED

    Hi Matt. Good to hear from you. What is the length from the back corner to the front of the bow? See reference drawing.

    Matt\'s 54 Gal Corner.jpg
  3. Matt New Member

    From the back corner to the center of the bow is approx. 28"
  4. admin Co-Founder of Build My LED

    Hi Matt. Here are the models. Per my previous posts, please note the following. I typically recommend mounting fixtures as close to the water as possible, as this maximizes the % of photons entering the tank. Here are some preliminary photometry simulations for your tank (fixtures were mounted 1" above tank). These beam angles were simulated in air, which is different from how the beam angle will work in water. Due to the change in the index of refraction, beam angles get narrower when they enter water. Hence, the center values will increase, and the outer values will decrease. However, you will still have an average of ~170 PPFD (micromoles/m2/second) in your aquarium, including the area within the bow. We are working on new files that will account for the index change, but these models will give you a good idea how much light will be in the tank.

    Matt\'s 54 Gal Corner.jpg

    Matt 54 Gal Corner Aquarium Lighting Design_Object.jpg
    Let me know if you have any other questions ;)

  5. Matt New Member

    To quote Jeremy, "Woaaa! That's pretty cool!" Thanks, Nick. I'll be in touch.

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